Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There is still hope

Like most of you, I was really disappointed when Barack Obama won the election for the second time. I have listened to different comments from commentators and Bill O'Reilly on Fox news had a good analysis. He said that you can't fight Santa Claus.
I have had a lot of people tell me that they were afraid if Romney won, they would lose their food stamps and other government assistance that they were getting. The democrats ran ads against Paul Ryan and Romney constantly portraying them as cutting off their assistance for the poor.
As for myself, I have made up my mind that God can turn this situation around. After all, he can do anything. He can fix our country. We, as Christians, can still pray for God to move in our country. If God doesn't move, then, Barack Obama is lining us up for Jesus to come back even sooner than we thought. So, it is time for us to start praying even harder to get our loved ones saved, and get ready for the great event of Jesus' return.
I refuse to be depressed over this situation. The devil has not won, or will win, because I have read what is going to happen to him and his demons. Don't let him fool you into believing that evil wins over good. Good always wins over evil.
Maybe this is what it will take for the church of Jesus Christ to rise up and be what God intends it to be. Everything works together for the good of them who love the Lord. I am looking in faith to God, for He is the only one that can help our country.
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